My Mask

submitted by Agent For Change writer, Rylee.

I wear my mask so tightly so that no one else can see
The parts that are so broken, the darkest parts of me
They want me to be complacent; they want me to be real
What if what they want to see if that which I do not feel?
I can numb myself, outrun myself, and refuse to face my fears
But when I pause and face the world I am surrounded by mirrors
A reflection of the pain inside, it screams so loud it stops me cold
A reminder of what I cannot hide, it chills me to the bone
If you ask me to let you in, if you want me to let you see,
Prepare yourself for shame and sin, darkness, pain, and jealousy
These are the pieces I must hide, the pieces that leave me mortified
And this is why I wear my mask, to hide what lies inside

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