Hugs, they can seem like another form of greeting like a handshake. They can be quick, include a pat on the back, big and burly, small with a peck on the cheek, full of tears, full of laughter, so long you need to come up for air; but have you ever thought how truly important they can be to someone? How important they can be to a person feeling isolated or suffering from depression or anxiety or maybe even someone grieving? They can give strength. They can serve as a reminder of friendship and compassion. They also give back. They can give you strength too just by giving.

The next time you see someone you love and care about, remember that in this world of technology and “likes” a hug can go a long way to give someone the confidence they may need to tackle the next five minutes, the day, or maybe even the week. Sometimes a hug is a lasting memory you cherish. Give one today; give lots!


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