A daily struggle

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. I had an ulcer at 7 years of age because of anxiety and not being able to properly cope with stress. Many people didn’t understand me and just thought I was being difficult. The truth is I didn’t know what my problem was and for a long time I went without the proper help, because I thought I could just “snap out of it” like many people had told me to do. I’ve gone through very difficult times in my life and have made a lot of mistakes in efforts to find love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Everything all came to a head when I attempted suicide in January of 2011. By the grace of God I survived, but part of me really died that day. The part that felt I had to please others to be happy. The part that believed I was not worthy of true love and acceptance. That year I started really working on getting mentally healthy which to me starts with accepting yourself for who you truly are. It took a long time of trial and error with therapy and medication but I now have come to a place where I can manage my illness with grace and dignity and no longer feel ashamed of who I am. Along with the medical care I’ve received, having a close relationship with my Savior Jesus has made the biggest difference for me. His love for me is unconditional and has carried me through all of my ups and downs even when I didn’t realize it. My struggle is a daily one that I’m committed to working on for the rest of my life, but I now know that I’m worth it -Dalma

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