IN A CRISIS?  CALL/TEXT 988 or 1-800-273-8255 (Suicide Lifeline)

Certifications & Partnerships

Members of Project Seth participated in the Mental Health First Aid class. 

We discussed mental health topics including the warning signs of an individual developing mental health problems or someone in the midst of a mental health crisis.  We are now certified “Mental Health First Aiders” with the ability to direct individuals in need to the appropriate individuals or services that can assist them better and/or appropriately. We annually host a Mental Health Youth First Aid class. The Youth class features topics related to 12-18 year old’s including chemical addictions.


Members of Project Seth participated in ASIST. 

In this two day class, we learned the importance of listening to those at most risk of suicide and how to get them the immediate help they need to be safe. Project Seth understands how important it is  to continue learning about our mental health ie: suicide, the dangers of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, and other illnesses to better assist and support our youth.

We are part of the DeKalb County Non-Profit Partnership. 

We are excited for the opportunity to learn with and from other non-profits in the DeKalb County. We look forward to a partnership with other non-profits in our area to better serve our community.

Members of Project Seth are proud to be members of NAMI. 

Their commitment to education and combating the stigma of mental illness helps to make a difference locally and around the globe. We look forward to a strong  partnership to bring awareness to our community.

Members of Project Seth are proud to be members of the AAS. 

Their mission is “to promote the understanding and prevention of suicide and support those who have been affected by it.” Suicide prevention, intervention,  postvention, and research are their focus.