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Crisis Plan

Everyone at one time or another has done a fire drill or tornado drill. We do these drills to know that if an emergency happens we are ready and know what to do. This is almost exactly what we need to do for ourselves for any potential future crisis that may arise. So what do we need first? A plan. And once that is completed, you can practice it just like a fire drill.

Ever get really upset and not know what to do when you are feeling triggered or on edge?

Start with something basic.

List 6 things you can do when you are feeling upset and triggered.

-Maybe it is something as simple as watching your favorite TV show, maybe it is going for a walk, how about an art and craft? Or a favorite video game?

Got an idea of things you can do?

Okay, Write it down.

—What if you go through your 6 things you can do, and you’re still feeling upset?

Then you move on to your list of people you can contact. (try and have at least 3 but have as many as you would like)

Make a list of friends, family members, teachers, counselor, principal, co-workers, supervisors, someone from a religious community or support group.. etc.

Someone that will be able to listen to you and help calm you down, someone that will come over for a little bit, go out to lunch with you, or depending on how you are feeling, someone who can spend the night by you till you feel safe.

Can you think of those people?

Write them down.

—–What if you exhausted all of your things to do, and talking is just not helping and you’re beginning to feel unsafe?

You can have a plan set in place with someone who would be willing to drive you to the hospital to talk with a professional and see what some next steps are to getting you safe.

Have a list of emergency numbers you can call when you are feelings suicidal.

Write them down.

Have all of this plan somewhere you can get easy access to it.

Reach Out, Get Help.

If you are feeling unsafe and suicidal, please reach out to a professional or someone who can get you connected with a professional.

You can also call the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255

Here are some other numbers that can give you support any time you call:

If you never have an escape route, then you may not know what to do when the emergency arises. Don’t wait until it’s too late, have an escape route in place for if that time happens.

No one plans a fire drill expecting to have to escape from a real fire. It’s preventative to make sure if a fire ever starts, that you will have the plan to be safe and not be anxious as to what to do.

Make a Crisis Plan. You may never use it, but the moment you need it, it could be a life saver.

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