Holding on to Hope

This new writer to Project Seth has an undeniable ability to be honest and create conversations. We hope you take the time to read and share your thoughts on her first post…This is my first post. And while the cynical and broken parts of me feel an urge to dwindle on dark topics such as pain and loss, I believe what we all need to focus on is hope. Hope is the strongest weapon we have to defeat our demons. Too often, we see hope as a fleeting moment or an abstract concept or a brief emotional lapse from your true state of being. But I think we have it backwards. We are meant for more than the pain we surround ourselves with. We were born with courage, dreams, beauty, strength, and immense hope for our futures and the future of this world. We may have let those things slip away, but they are still banging on the doors of our souls, begging to be unleashed so that we can be all we were once meant to be.
I know it can be daunting and even exhausting to keep your grasp on hope. I know this because I’ve been there, and I know because I’ve seen it. One of my closest friends and one of the greatest people I have ever known lost his sense of hope; his pain overshadowed it as the clouds cover the sun, and stole his future. But in the days since his passing, I have witnessed incredible amounts of passion, strength, love, and promise that were and always will be a part of his life, his home, and his memory. I only wish he could have glimpsed into the future in his last moments, taking a pause from the powerful enemy that is depression, to see all the beautiful parts of life that would come to ease his pain and carry him through the darkness.
When I find myself in moments similar to those he experienced, I imagine what he might say to me. If I see someone struggling, I try to replicate the words of wisdom I am sure he would possess. And I believe in my heart that he would tell us to be stronger than our pain. Because we are stronger than any mountains we face; be it trauma, abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, loss. What we have within us is monumentally more powerful, and we can be conquerors. I wish I could have convinced him of that. But because I couldn’t, and because he isn’t here to say it, I am asking you, anyone who is reading this, to listen closely. If you are overwhelmed with an agonizing conviction that you are alone in this world or that you are not worth it or that your life is void of purpose, fight back. There is still peace and beauty and wonder awaiting you, and joy beyond your wildest dreams.
We are fighting a battle between what we feel and who we are. When you feel desperate, dark, unworthy, weak, depressed, or defeated, please remember the battle and never stop fighting. Remember that how you feel does not nor will it ever define who you are. Who you are is beautiful, loved, brilliant, strong, courageous, and worth it. Hold on to these parts of you, for they are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

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