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I knew I wanted to write about exercise this week. Huh! Be it me, the person who has rarely exercised since my last kickboxing class on June 25th, 2014. I don’t know if I’ve even admitted this to anyone, but I feel guilty for taking the time for me. I was exercising and feeling good knowing I was getting in the best shape of my life and then BOOM, I lost Seth. Can I say WTH? I wanted to be a healthy mom, wife, and eventually a healthy grandma. I had plans to be the best, most involved grandma ever – I was going to run circles around those other grandma’s. I was ready, not ready anytime soon, but I was ready to be the mom Seth needed to watch the kids, help with potty training, and take them on adventures. Well, as it turns out I won’t be a grandma and my exercise plan seems selfish and unnecessary.


But this week I’m going to tell you why YOU should grab your sneakers or longboard or tennis racket or Frisbee and go out there and live. Fight the little person in your brain that is telling you to play the video game and not move from the couch or watch YouTube videos for hours that tell you how to apply your make up. Not that any of those things are bad, but see the good in getting up and getting active. Come on, go sweat. Go feel the blood running through your veins and the gunk leaving your pores. It’s living. It’s making your body the best it can be and showing the world you are a bad ass. You. That person put on this world to be cherished and encouraged and celebrated for the individual you are. Go out there and do what your brain and body need to be the best you can be.

Did you know that exercise can do for you what some drugs are used to do to help your mental health? Exercise increases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. There are prescription drugs that do the same thing – reduce stress, enhance mood, improve memory, and help you experience healthier relationships. Many people aren’t seeking help for their mental health. Why aren’t they exercising if it will help?  Believe me, I know. I know how depression pulls you down and doesn’t let you get up and experience life. I know the guilt of losing a vibrant soul and being reminder every day that you are not worthy. I know the depression that makes you want to stay under the covers.


But, let me tell you again why you should exercise:


  • You’ll look good and feel good inside and out. Your mental and physical body will thank you.
  • No one else will have to tell you you’re sexy because your brain will tell you, “I am sexy”. That is confidence my friend.
  • You can have quality time with family and friends – grab your brother, your sister, your friends. Have fun and laugh together.
  • Know it will help you – think positive, be positive. You putting one foot in front of the other will be a rewarding experience.
  • Realize you are worth more than the reasons you can come up with to not exercise.


20 minutes 3 times a week doing something you loved doing at the age of 10 can help you help yourself. Your mom used to push you outside to, “go play”. Well, GO PLAY. Go enjoy the weather, your friends, the beautiful body you were given…learn a new sport or just go for a walk.


I wish I could grab you on any given day and say, “come with me”. I would take you to the park and we would walk or ride bikes and enjoy the sunshine on our faces or maybe you would teach me how to skateboard or maybe we would just do the monkey bars remembering how it is to be kids. Either way, we would be outside getting fresh air with our increased heart rate saying, “I’m alive”.


Now, how Sethtastic is that?!?

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