About Project Seth


PROJECT SETH is a not-for-profit organization created to help reduce and ultimately eliminate suicide in young adults. We envision a world without the devastating effects of suicide in the young adult population by empowering young adults to know and recognize at risk young people. We want to equip young adults with the tools and resources to seek immediate help from reliable and effective local resources. We are passionate in the belief young adults should feel nurtured, supported, and place emphasis on their self-worth by:

  • Holding events to publicize warning signs of suicide and depression.
  • Involving suicide survivors in the teaching process and informal gatherings.
  • Provide resources and support to those at risk.



To raise awareness of teen and young adult suicide. We talk about suicide to help end the stigma, we educate on the warning signs of suicide, and we provide resources and support to those at risk.


What We Want to Do for Teens and Young Adults in Our Community

Give Them Support

We want to support teens and young adults by helping to find people they are comfortable enough to share their thoughts – good, bad, or otherwise. To build a relationship, to mentor them to be the best they can be and feel comfortable enough to be themselves, and to speak their minds even if it’s a bad day. What do they want to do? What are their interests? Where is their creative energy? Are they accepted for who they are? Are they feeling pressured? What are the pressures: work, school, home, friends?


We want youth to feel they have a purpose and to feel special. They are on this planet for a reason and sometimes through the every day pressures the sense of importance and belonging is forgotten.


To know the signs of suicide and depression. To know there are resources and direct them to get the help they need. To guide a friend or family member to seek help if the signs are present.

Honor Themselves

We ultimately want teens and young adults to honor and respect themselves and their decisions. The responsible choices they make will allow them to feel good about themselves.

We want to honor Seth as well and what he taught us. He is remembered for his compassion, his creativity, his love for friends and family, his eagerness for adventure, his laughter, and his respect for others.

“Seth was my best friend. It was an unexpected tragedy. Nobody would have guessed suicide would hit this close to home. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through something so serious like this. Project Seth is a remarkable organization and it’s important that there is a place for young teens like Seth to go where they will be heard. I know it will save people from the depression they cease to be open about. Somebody does care.”