It Is amazing that people are finally starting to shed some light on this tragic issue. No matter who you are, there is always someone who cares. Thank you so much and God Bless.


Project Seth plans fun and engaging events, like the chili cookoff and haloween party, to bring youth together and shine light on a scary and dark place that too many youth are confronted with.


Project Seth is an amazing thing that has taken a families life and his given them a sense of comfort. Seth's life is remembered everyday for how AMAZING of a man his parents raised him to be. This oppurtunity could be a breath of fresh air so they continue to feel the support after a lot of time has passed. Suicide is REAL, and project SETH, could be a safe haven for future boys and gals who have the same thoughts Seth did, and they will know they arent alone. Project Seth could save lives.


People who are contemplating suicide are often times reaching out, searching for answers, or seeking help. Project Seth is a resource for those in need with the goal of providing support while helping establish a person’s self-worth . People in this state of mind are looking for a sense of belonging and want to know they are special. Project Seth strives to provide this resource.

Young adults and teens use the internet as a main stream of communication. What better way to educate them than Project Seth!


IF THIS SUBJECT DOES NOT HIT YOU HARD, THEN YOU ARE BLIND TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS! Today is 3/24/15, my son turned 18 TODAY. When my son was 15, he told us that he was going to kill himself. That made us think, we got a warning, he vented. What if he didn't? My nephew tried it, and we never saw it. He is still here with us today, but what IF. My daughter had a fellow classmate cutting herself. Do WE see the signs? What are they? Everyone thinks "it won't happen to me". Is it happily ever after? Suicide of our be-loved teens is REAL. This NON-profit site needs the extra boost to take it to the next level. That level might just save YOUR teenager.