The Feeling of Being the Only One

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you ask yourself or the universe or even god why is this all happening to me? Why am I the only one who feels this way? When can all of this just stop? You second guess yourself, your choices, your life, and sometimes you might be praying for some help, Unless you aren’t religious like me, then you just wish someone can help. The thing is at this very moment you feel so isolated so overwhelmed and exhausted that you feel like no one will understand, no one else feels this way I mean after all look at your friends and family all smiling and laughing and living there lives, or you might not have any friends like i did at one point of my life and just watch how everyone around you doesn’t acknowledge you and how happy they are and how they cant feel this way, that no one will care if you are gone, but the fact remains that is all a lie. You are not the only shadow in this world. There are many like that, I was once living in the shadows. It wouldn’t have made a difference if i disappeared for good or ran away. My parents forgot i existed, I had no friends, somehow i pulled the motivation to continue, i escaped the shadows and even today they try to pull me back but I fight back because i have a reason to live without my depression. I’ll admit its not entirely gone, it comes and goes but I am strong enough on my own to fight back. The thing is I’m not alone anymore, I have friends that i can call my family, I have FAMILY that motivates me to keep going, and you the reader, the person looking for help, or the person too scared to find help you are my motivation to keep going because there is no one stronger than a person that can get through their depression, there is no one stronger than the kids who go from living in shadows and playing in the sun. You aren’t alone, there are many like you and I and unfortunately there will always be. But we can change that by having hope because one thing is for certain no matter how alone you feel, you’re never alone.

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