The hard way

I’ve been taking my time to figure things out
But lately it feels like I’m going out of my mind
I feel like this life isn’t mine
I’m watching it unfold in third person and as much as I want to slow down I just can’t. I feel stuck, I feel lost, i feel alone.
More alone than i have ever felt.
No one knows because I put on a facade.
I know I’m not alone but it feels like I don’t belong
Everything feels so wrong
And it’s like everyone wants me gone
I want to reach out to my friends for help
But they are never around anymore,
Im not around anymore.
I keep wondering why everyone is distant
I’m still the same person why doesn’t anybody listen
I wish someone could just explain to me
What happen to the way we always said we be
Cause right now I don’t know why I pushed through the pain that I got through
I’m losing hope
I need a good reason not.
There is these voices going on inside my head and they claim I’m going at it the hard way.

I tell myself that everything is fine, a big lie but then I get lost in my thoughts
I can’t keep my mind filled with a thousand things to distract me from my head.
My head is a bad neighbor that I shouldn’t be traveling alone.
There is another _________ trying to to take this _______ down. But at the end of the day I know I can only make myself happy but I always bring myself down.
Everywhere I look I start to see
Everything what people think of me
It looks like I was never welcome
If It is true or not I won’t know
I guess the voices in my head are right
I do go at things the hard way

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